Instrumental, Rock Guitarist, Songwriter feat. Steve Bello.

February 23, 2022


New Jersey-based instrumental heavy rock, 7 string guitarist Steve Bello is a talented, internationally known guitar player/songwriter with eight albums as a leader as well as many endorsements such as Ibanez guitars and orange amplifiers.  He has been a guitar player for over 40 years and a guitar/bass teacher for over 20 years. He’s been featured in guitar player magazine and has opened up for the likes of Lita Ford and others. It was great to meet Steve as we have been friends through social media for close to 10 years!  

In our conversation we talk about Steve’s music background as a child growing up around family musicians, enjoying music is a relaxed way. At age 12 after hearing and seeing Jimi Hendix playing at Monterey on TV, Steve was inspired to dedicate his life to playing guitar. We talk about playing in an instrumental trio and how the experience of freedom and space and developing your music voice is the allure for musicians. Steve wrote his first song at 13 and never stopped writing. 

Steve has a brand new album out called “Mood Swings” that you should definitely check out! The links are below. He has a show coming up, a benefit for his friend Irene DeMeo at Dingbats in Clifton, NJ on Friday, March 4th, 7pm. Joining him will be the powerhouse rhythm section of Attacker (also featured on Steve's new album, “Mood Swings”) as well as a great bill of other bands.

Interlude song, "Timeless Man" by Steve Bello

Outro song, "Never The Sane" by Steve Bello 

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