Singer-Songwriter, Actress and Healing Artist feat. Ruby Rose Fox

October 20, 2021

This week Alison welcomes Ruby Rose Fox to Earthtones!

Ruby is a talented vocalist and songwriter. I am a huge fan of her voice, artistry, piano playing, songwriting, vision, production skills and work with nervous system health for artists. Chicago/Boston based artist Ruby Rose Fox is a cultural messenger of our turbulent modern times. Her music is sonically compelling and is  packed with lyrics that reflect and challenge our current political state, from #metoo, to the mass-shooting crisis.

Part actress, director, and writer, Ruby has never shied away from inventive ways to approach her art. In 2016 Ruby released her first album Domestic which reached number 8 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. In 2018, she released her second album Salt, an utterly cinematic piece of experimental pop that features dense soundscapes built to accompany her wall-shattering vocals. The sonically-rich record is enhanced via ASMR microphones that were used during the recording, resulting in an ASMR-sensitive body of emotional, political, and personal songs. Ruby’s songs have been featured in the video game Rock Band and at the Museum of Science in their space dome as the soundtrack to their amazing projections. Ruby is currently working on a new release. On her instagram , you can find some early solo performances from her home studio of some of her new songs and let me say they are just as moving and unique as her earlier material. I can’t wait for her new album. Ruby also has a master class called The Unstoppable Performer and other Nervous System workshops that you can find out more on her websites. 

In our conversation we talk about Ruby’s musical journey, her song writing process, her nervous system health offerings for artists, her upcoming release and much more! 

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Intro song : "In The Stars" by Alison Keslow

Outro song : “Lavender” by Ruby Rose Fox 

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