Exploration and Imagination as a Jazz Trumpeter feat. Phil Grenadier

October 6, 2021


Joining Alison this week is the super talented and very chill jazz trumpet player, composer and recording artist Phil Grenadier. Phil’s trumpet playing and improvisations transports you in a magical way, opening up your senses and ears to unique melodies that blend many styles and feels.


Phil was raised in a musical home and his father introduced him and his two brothers to trumpet at a young age. Phil has loved music ever since and is thankful to have something that he is passionate about.  He loves working with people who have that same spirit and let me say.. He has worked with MANY great musicians.  


At 16, growing up in San Francisco he was working regularly as a sideman, performing alongside such legends as Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme, George Shearing, Tony Bennett, Carlos Santana, James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr., Dionne Warwick and Steve Smith’s Vital Information.  

He’s recorded 2 albums for Blue Note, 3 albums as a leader and is featured on many, many albums as a sideman. Phil is an in demand performer, session player and a professor in the brass and ensemble department at Berklee College Of Music. 

He can be seen playing weekly at The Lily Pad, in Cambridge with Jerry Bergonzi, bassist Bruce Gertz and others. 

In our conversation we talked about his musical beginnings, the friends and musicians along the way, his 2007 tour across Europe, South America and the United States with John Scofield’s group with (bassist Steve Swallow),  one of many highlights for him playing at Carnegie Hall and his upcoming album featuring new original music that was was recorded and conceived during the 2020 pandemic with a new fusing of technology, modern music and jazz. Phil plays weekly at The Lily Pad in Cambridge so you can check him out live there. 


Phil says, you never know who's listening and who you’ll meet on the gig so stay open to who shows up. He is drawn to the subtle, poetic, spacious approach in his playing and is endlessly dedicated and passionate in music and one of the nicest people you will meet!


You can find out more about Phil Grenadier and hear his music at these websites! 

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Intro song : 

"In The Stars" by Alison Keslow

Outro song : “Just Show Up” by Alison Keslow

Featuring Phil Grenadier - trumpet     

Dennis Hughes - keys

Peter Wiernik - guitar

Mike Connors - drums

Alison Keslow - bass 


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