Drummer, Artist, llustrator, Creator feat. Teri Cote

January 5, 2022

Teri Cote is a world touring drummer, Yamaha artist who fuses many mediums in her work. She paints, draws, illustrates children's books, sculpts, photographs and makes this super cool jewelry that's featured on her website, 

Teri knew she wanted to be a drummer from when she was six, when she created her first drum set to jam with Earth, Wind & Fire. Teri started playing in the drum corps in 7th grade and played through Jr. High and high school that lead her to working professionally as a set drummer starting from age 14. She soon started touring with a family band called The Marcy Brothers, who were signed to Warner Brothers Records and opened for major acts including George Strait, Eddie Rabbit, Johnny Cash, The Oak Ridge Boys, Juice Newton, Roy Clarke..

These experiences led Teri to tour the world with American pop singer, David Cassidy  from 2003-2017 known for acting in the iconic 70’s sitcom the Partridge Family as well as his successful solo music career.

 In our conversation, Teri offers real gems of wisdom when she says, “to direct your energy and focus… to stay on the best path individually for yourself and getting clear through music, nature and artistic pursuits. And remembering that groove and supporting the song are what’s most important to be a working drummer. She has been an in demand drummer for many years. We talk about Teri’s musical beginnings and how she naturally followed her path as a musician and artist her whole life.  

 Teri is a super cool human being and the sweetest person who I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. Teri’s love of music goes way beyond drums, as she writes, sings, composes, paints, illustrates and makes jewelry called Drum jewels.

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Check out Jewelry, made and available for purchase by Teri Cote Drum Jewels, Handmade Jewelry with a Backstory.


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Intro song : "In The Stars" by Alison Keslow

Outro song : “ Into The light” by Teri Cote

Also featured in the show “I Know U Know” by Sergio Bellotti ,Teri Cote, Lane McCray and Randy Norton.

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