Passion and Fire in Drumming and Life feat : Dave Fox

April 13, 2022

Dave Fox from Waltham, MA, is an accomplished, versatile drummer who has performed and recorded with a wide variety of acts in a number of genres all over New England, nationally and abroad. He is currently a full-time member of The Gravel Project, Andrew Stern’s “AS3” and legendary Boston Rock act The Stompers

As a sideman for over two decades, he has performed with a diverse group of artists including Tom Hambridge and The Rattlesnakes, Jerry Bergonzi, Josh Smith, David Tronzo, David Amram, Charles Neville, Stan Strickland, Phil Grenadier and Bruno Råberg. He is an endorser of Vic Firth Drumsticks and Bullethead Snare Drums exclusively.

Alison welcomes her good friend and fabulous drummer, Dave Fox to Earthtones! In their conversation they talk about Dave’s musical beginnings and how he coincidentally met his jazz mentor, the amazing Bob Gullotti from the band, The Fringe.  (The Charlie Banacos of Drums) They discussed the responsibility of dedicating yourself to music and what it’s like opening for and sitting in with Blues, American, Music icon, guitarist, Buddy Guy. They talked about the metronome debate and how you can learn something from different drummers such as Steve Gadd, Taylor Hawkins, John Bonham, Stewart Copeland, and Neil Peart. It’s the spirit behind the drummer that is most meaningful and impactful. We talk about Dave’s recent work with bands , The Gravel Project, AS3 and Alison even gives Dave an “on air” Astrological reading. Find out what this Leo drummer has in his birth chart! 


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Intro song : “In The Stars” , by Alison Keslow

Outro song : “No More Fire” , by The Gravel Project 




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